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Fun With Mistyfuse & Badges

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

This Year we are doing American Heritage Girls.  It’s time to put someone short’s vest together…. and guess what…. I quilt…. I do NOT sew…. it is not the same…. trust me….. so after some poking around I could not find any guidance for badges…. so here’s our non-guaranteed tutorial…. in other words time will tell how long these stay on… but I have used Mistyfuse for years and I have yet to have anything come apart so I have great faith.

Step 1.

You will need Mistyfuse.  It comes in black or white.  We went with black.  Scissors, applique press sheet, iron and ironing board also needed… and badges… .don’t forget the badges……

Step 2.

Cut Mistyfuse to cover the entire back of each badge.

Step 3.

Place them on the applique press sheet, fold it over so the applique press sheet is on BOTH sides of badge with the mistyfuse on the BACK side of the badge. Press by just leaving that iron in place. Moving it back and forth is only going to shift stuff you don’t want shifted. Say that three times fast…. dare ya….

Step 4.

You are going to let them cool for just a minute and they should nicely peel off.  Check for complete coverage….. if you don’t have it…. repeat until you do…. those corners will lift off…..

Step 5.

Trim the excess Mistyfuse off.

Step 6.

Look at your handbook for guidance on badge placement.  A ruler helps to get it straight.

Step 7.

Place applique sheet under the top layer of the vest and over the badges. You don’t want to accidentally fuse the vest to the back now do you?!  Then just set the iron there…. not so long that you burn a hole…. but again…. moving it is going to shift stuff you don’t want shifted and your numbers may end up looking quite uhm….. special……

Step 8.

Repeat with all badges and ta-da!!!!  All done!!! No sewing!!  And what is the other reason for the tutorial…. here’s a hint…. someone is getting a badge next week…. and someone will have to put that on….

Here’s a hint…. it will NOT be the old lady on the left….. Good luck Princess!!!!


Edit:  For some reason the latest update of wordpress set my comments to turn off automatically after a set number of days past the post being published…. I found and fixed that issue…. so very sorry!!!



Sun Dress

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

Remember this fabric??


We spent some time Saturday.  Guess who made her own sundress?!

She did an awesome job!!!


Easter Aprons

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

When we last left off there were a few learn to sew projects in the works…. up first… aprons!!  We took these adorable little towels….

Folded over the corners to make a casing for some grosgrain ribbon ….

And viola!!!

Man she is growing up on me…… I don’t like it!!!!