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Latest Coffee Find

Sunday, July 28th, 2013

I have slight guilt over my Keurig. I LOVE the convenience. Not always so sure about all the plastic in the landfills and the health factors of hot water through economy plastic. So I found these and thought I would share the info.



They are not bad. Still some plastic, but recycle. I like the reusable filters as well…..but still plastic with hot water……but when you are on the go…..I think it is time for my next cup. Carry On!

Either Of These?

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009


OK… I dug around some more and found this King Tut thread on the left and this Yli on the right.  They both have light pink and tan, the Yli also has the lime green that is in the quilt too so I’m leaning towards it.   I’ll drink more coffee while stand and stare continues.  Truth be told, I have an exceptionally good Kona roast this week so I’ll use any excuse to drink more coffee.  Like sneak out and look under the row cover.


Swiss chard still growing!


Enough yummy lettuce for salads every day! Yippeeee!!!

Now back to stand, stare and sip….


Java Java Java

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Ever see Men In Black?  Love those worm guys always drinking coffee…..  love it… didn’t even get into the post before I digressed…. and yes… I choose to not delete either…..

So the Behmor roaster has arrived.  It’s pretty…. about the size of a toaster oven…


Yes, that is my first roast in action… my husband wanted to video tape it…. but at 9 pm the lighting just isn’t that great….  the smoke alarms did come on…. but we did not spontaneous combust so already better than my first roast in the grill drum.  But I do still think someone ratted me out on my kitchen fire record…… why?  Well on the roaster not removable is this….


And this sticker was applied multiple times… including over all the controls so there is no way you could miss it….


I promise to not sue because I caught the house on fire… swear….. and I know McDonalds coffee is hot even though I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole…..

The first roast was OK…. need a learning curve…. like… turn on the exhaust fan silly…… hey.. it was late. The scary part was the kid SLEPT through 5 minutes of smoke alarm. I don’t know if I wanted to know that was possible or not.  But over all…. nice to be able to push a button and do the dishes while of course never leaving the room and carefully observing the roaster…. in the A/C  late at night…..